McGrath Acura of Chicago

McGrath Acura of Chicago is the first and only Acura automobile dealership to be developed within the limits of the City of Chicago. The dealership is located at Elston and Division, on the West bank of the Chicago River. McGrath Acura transformed a vacant building and vehicle storage lot into a full-service dealership complete with a service garage, car wash and Riverwalk adjacent to the river.

Innovative Measures

Innovative measures were implemented during the design development that allowed the site to meet the requirements of the City of Chicago’s Stormwater Management Ordinance and the River Corridor Design Guidelines and Standards. Conditions were such that an underground detention storage vault couldn’t be used to meet the storage requirements. In order to meet the City’s Best Management Practice requirements, a decorative, permeable paver system allowed the site to meet the storage requirements while giving the dealership an aesthetically pleasing backdrop on which to display the new vehicles.

Permits for this project were required by the City of Chicago Building, Transportation, and Harbor Departments, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

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