180' Tower Collapse Injures Two


Terra Consulting Group began working with Craig Snyder at Sioux Falls Tower in 2001. Sioux Falls Tower helped Terra with Tower Evaluation services during the Nextel Partners buildout of the Omaha-Sioux Falls-Fargo corridor. During that time, Craig educated us on corrosion problems associated with Guyed-Anchor towers. But he never gave us the whole story.

Fast forward 15 years to this year’s National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) Conference in New Orleans where Rusty Utomo, Wayne Bischel and John Zimmermann of Terra attended an education session on tower anchor failure given by Craig Snyder and his partner Bart Roberts. Bart Roberts and another tower climber were on a tower that collapsed due to anchor failure in 1990. They fell 180’ and lived. Bart gave the presentation in New Orleans. The full story is attached. Soil and metal don’t mix well. Never take your safety for granted.

NATE Presentation