A Brand New Playground for Mary, Seat of Wisdom


Terra Consulting Group provided Civil and Construction Management services to the Catholic parish Mary, Seat of Wisdom in our home city of Park Ridge, IL. Mary, Seat of Wisdom is a longstanding parish with a school for Pre-K through 8th grade on a neighborhood campus.

The parish had a small playground which provided very little space for the students to use during recess, and the back parking lot was actually considered the main playground. The parish decided to clear an area of tangled trees and bushes that was north of the playground to make way for a new grass field and playground. That’s where we come in.

Overall the project was straightforward, with the exception of the City requirement for stormwater detention despite the previous improvements. Terra Consulting Group designed a shallow bio-swale along the perimeter of the grass field to promote infiltration and establish a natural, low maintenance landscape screen.

Work began the end of March after we received approvals from the MWRDGC and the Illinois Department of Transportation for a new sewer connection. By June the new playground equipment was ready for the kids!

Now Mary, Seat of Wisdom has a playground that can accommodate their many students and will last for years.