Dream Big with ASCE

The American Society of Civil Engineers celebrated Engineer’s week 2017 by Partnering with MacGillivray FreemanFilms and Bechtel Corporation to release ‘Dream Big: Engineering Our World” to a theatre near you. Terra Consulting Group sponsored the local premiere with Terra’s Mike Elliott, Inga Cebelis and Mike Callaghan in attendance.

Inga Cebelis, Joel Mathai and Mike Elliott attended the event on behalf of Terra.

Inga Cebelis, Joel Mathai and Mike Elliott attended the event on behalf of Terra.

With the end of Engineers Week (first celebrated in 1951), we decided to provide a glimpse into the world of ASCE.

Dream Big

ASCE showcases its passion for engineering by sharing engineering stories with children, most notably through the release of the film “Dream Big,” which premiered around North America before the start of Engineers Week on Feb. 19.

In a macro-story format, “Dream Big” showcases the work of engineers in smaller stories.

“And we feature how accessible engineering is to all minorities, genders, people of the world all over,” said the film’s director, Greg MacGillivray. “Our whole purpose was answering the question, ‘How do we get more kids interested in engineering as a career?’ That was our main function. So we built this movie to be both entertaining and inspirational.”

For example, one story featured is that of Menzer Pehlivan’s work in Nepal with earthquake reconnaissance — providing primary data that influences how earthquake engineering procedures and codes are developed. Pehlivan is a geotechnical engineer based in Seattle.

Another featured story is Avery Bang’s, who is the CEO of Bridges to Prosperity. Bang and her team helped in the reconstruction of an important foot bridge in Haiti.

Some of the engineers featured in the film were also speakers at a briefing on Capitol Hill to celebrate Girl Day, which is the colloquial term for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.

Speaking about the importance of Girl Day at the event, ASCE President Norma Jean Mattei said, “But as more and more women continue to join the engineering workforce, we’ll see more girls follow suit because they’ll see someone who looks just like them doing it.”

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