Terra's Graphics Simulations

2018 Q3 Terra Newsletter.png

With so many services to choose from at Terra Consulting Group, you may not know that Terra can prepare documents and photos for before and after visual representations of towers.

Terra recently designed a concealed cell tower site resembling a bell tower in Bellevue, Nebraska. After the proposed design and prior to construction and approval, Terra provided a photo simulation to show what the tower would look like if the structure were built based on the proposed design.

The current ‘before’ photo was taken in September of 2013, and Terra provided the simulation in September of 2015. With the help of the photo simulation, the tenant approved the design, which was submitted to the city of Bellevue for construction approval.

Upon a revisit in June 2018, we found the tower was fully constructed, and closely resembled the photo simulation that Terra provided to the tenant. Included are the photos of the before, after, and actual site.