Happy Retirement, Mike Stevens


December 2017 marked the end of an era at Terra Consulting Group. Mike Stevens retired after a 45-year run in Telephony.  

Mike offered Terra so much in his 8 ½ years. He gave us a physical presence in Ohio, something we had needed since 2001. He fortified and enriched relationships with clients in Cleveland & Columbus, and he taught us a great deal about telecommunications construction and equipment. Most importantly, Mike is a pleasure to be around. He likes to have fun and won’t be retiring from that anytime soon!

Mike started his career in 1974 in Ashland, Ohio working as a linesman. Mike spent 23 years with GTE working in Ohio, California, and Michigan. He worked in all facets of telecommunications, working residential installations and building switches and power bays in the first wireless cell sites. Mike stopped working with GTE in 1997.

After 4 years with Alltel in Equipment Engineering, the fun started in 2001 when Mike took a job with then Voicestream, now T-Mobile.  

Michael Hogan, Mike’s boss at T-Mobile, told us, “Two minutes into the interview I knew I was going to make Mike an offer… he is loyal to the company, and he works for the exclusion of the people and contractors who help that company succeed. [Mike] has fewer detractors than anyone I know with his length of service in this industry”.

Even though Mike has threatened Terra with retirement for the past 4 years, his retirement has been an anticipated event this past year. Mike has left a hole at Terra that won’t be easy to fill. We’ll miss the man who’s always available to help and teach. We’ll miss his kind nature and the guy who's always eager to get together and have a bite to eat. We’ll especially miss the phone calls that always started with, “Hey man, you gotta minute?”

Cheers to Mike Stevens, Joy and the boys!  Hey man, go have some fun!