Improving Antenna Structures

Antenna Structures

Everyone has seen cellular towers nestled in trees and high up on bluff tops; as you can imagine, it’s beneficial to be on higher ground.

Being on high ground gives the antennas on a structure longer range and helps avoid objects that can interfere with signal.

Getting that tower, along with the ground equipment that you don’t always see, up to these hard to reach areas is a challenge from a construction standpoint as well as from an engineering perspective.

At Terra Consulting Group LTD. we utilize design software, AutoCAD Civil 3D, when a site requires considerable grading work to be done.

AutoCADCivil 3D allows us to import the existing grades from a survey and manipulate contours to shape the land for proposed improvements such as driveways, retaining walls and tower compounds.

This is a project we worked on in Weldon Spring, Missouri.