Inside Terra: Real Talk with Employees DENNIS MURPHY

Meet Dennis Murphy, a Project Manager with Terra since 2007. Murphy is a principal employee and a familiar face around the office for clients and co-workers alike. In his 10 years at Terra, Dennis has seen substantial changes in his workplace that have been for the better. In particular, a growth in the engineering disciplines that are offered, which he observes, “makes us a more well rounded office.” Dennis values the expertise that Terra is able to give to their clients. His favorite clients are companies that hire Terra for their expertise but bring them on as a team member.

The characteristic about him that consistently shines through is his admiration for the people he encounters in his work. He regards his favorite projects as ones that involve interacting with those around him because “my fellow employees are wonderful to work with,” Dennis beams. When we asked him who his favorite person to work with is, he hailed it as a “tight race,” first and foremost. “Tom Z.,” ended up being his top pick because “[Tom] is so good at multitasking and has such a good memory. He can remember names and details like no one else I know of.”

In addition to his coworkers, things that make Terra a special workplace for Dennis are his short commute and the opportunity for office field trips. Dennis makes his workspace his own with the objects that fill his desk. His favorites of these possessions are his “red solo cup or my blue diamond smoked almonds.”

Where will Dennis be in the future? “My wife and I are big savers who hope to retire early (prior to 65) and travel the world,” Dennis writes. Before that time comes, there’s a couple other expenses this family man has to attend to; “there’s college for our three girls, finish paying for our home, and maybe a wedding or two.”

In the meantime, Dennis continues to be a stand out leader among his co-workers and a valued Terra employee. Cheers to 10 more years!