Inside Terra: Real Talk with Employees TONY PULJIC

Tony Puljic has been a Project Manager at Terra for 20 years. “I started working at Terra in 1997 A.D.” is how he likes to phrase it. Because he’s been with the same company for so long, he’s witnessed more change than many of his fellow employees.

“I’ve seen the company grow from three people, including myself, to 42 people,” Tony reminisces. The history that Tony has with Terra makes him an integral part of the company and the lives of the people who work there. Over these 20 years at Terra, he’s made lasting relationships with many of his clients and co-workers. When asked who his favorite clients are to work with, he had several shoutouts to give: “there are so many from the architects, to [the] builders, and so many in the wireless industry.  But my current clients, such as Skyway Towers, Capital Telecom, and Verizon are some of my all-time favorite clients due to the relationships I have developed with those people.”

Certain aspects of the job stand out to Tony as particularly special. For example, his favorite job was a parking facility that he designed for a local church in 2003. He also named “The Brothers Zimmermann” as some of his favorite people at Terra. “[They] taught me a lot in engineering and how to be a good consultant,” Tony shares. Anyone can tell that Tony has made a home out of Terra, and brings the same friendly energy to the workplace that neighbors bring to a barbeque. The people are what make Terra special for Tony – and maybe liking his co-workers is the secret to his 20 years of success.

Tony has decked out his workspace with fun knick-knacks to keep his day bright. Everything from a 2015 Chuck Norris calendar, a plaque from Oakton community college thanking him for giving a student an internship, and a candy corn sculpture. Tony’s favorite thing on his desk is a picture of his kids.

When asked about future plans, Tony replies “I’d like to plant my garden this weekend. Other than that I just take things day by day.” Obviously that philosophy has served him well for the past 20 years, and we wish him many more years of success.