Bogged down in Stormwater Management? Terra can help.

In the last 15 years, development requirements for communications sites have changed drastically.

Municipalities are requiring stormwater detention facilities at Communications sites with an ever-increasing frequency.

Federal rules regarding excavation activities require construction sites to manage erosion through the use of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans known as SWPPP’s.

Often times, new communications sites are located adjacent to rivers and streams and the Floodplains associated with them.

Terra Consulting Group has 30-years’ experience designing stormwater detention facilities, preparing SWPPP’s and managing the floodplain rules for our client’s development projects.

Build within the space available using underground resevoirs

Land space is at a premium for any development. This is especially true for communications sites. Stormwater detention facilities require significant land space. Terra Consulting Group has been designing sub-surface detention reservoirs for over 10 years in below grade rock strata and concrete vaults.

Properly controlling construction erosion run off

The construction of site compounds and access roads require the tower owner to control soil erosion. Terra Consulting Group will design the erosion control methodology which incorporates not only the construction activities but the activities necessary after a rainstorm along with the establishment of permanent vegetation on each site.

Solutions for building in the floodplain

Terra Consulting Group has been designing Floodplain solutions for 30 years. Floodplain rules require that no filling occur and that all structures such as equipment platforms and shelters be a minimum of 12” above the base flood elevation. Terra has the expertise to balance the earthwork operation required in the Floodplain while minimizing soil removal from the site. Terra will also design the structural platforms required to elevate shelters and equipment platforms above the floodplain.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control