Tower Relocation at Upper Arlington High School

Construction of the new Upper Arlington High School is now underway.

Upper Arlington is a suburban neighbor of Terra’s office in Columbus, Ohio. Replacing the 63-year-old deteriorating high school building in this landlocked community is certainly a challenging endeavor.

One of the challenges of this project was the relocation of the existing telecommunications tower and stadium light support at the football field. Architectural plans called for the new building to directly connect to the back of the stadium bleachers. Not only would this be necessary to fit the new structure onto the school’s property, but also allows the new locker rooms and weight room to be directly connected to the athletic fields. The existing home bleachers, press box, light supports, and telecommunications tower would need to be demolished.   

The solution was to build a new monopole tower on the opposite side of the stadium behind the visitor bleachers. Due to limited site space and time constraints, adhering to the project schedule was critical. Terra was called in to help two carriers with their antenna and equipment relocation plans. Terra’s John Schueler took a short five-minute drive to the site and documented all of the existing telecommunication ground equipment for relocation. Construction drawings were quickly created for both carriers to obtain a building permit and ultimately for the contractor’s use during installation of the antennas and equipment.

Terra Consulting Group enjoys being part of the local community and helping out in any way possible.

Communication Consultant to the Board of Education: Cell Site Capital, LLC
Tower Owner: TowerCo
General Contractor: Sphere, LLC