Wishing Mike a Happy Retirement

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Mike Stevens officially kicked off his retirement on January 25th with 40 of his close friends and family for a casual retirement party.  Fun was had by all at the Boneyard in Broadview Heights. Guests loved sharing their favorite stories about Mike back in the good old days of telecom.  

Mike told the group about his upcoming trips which included a Cruise and a vacation to Florida. He also shared his ambitious plan to transform a retired ambulance into a ‘Manbulance’ in Big 10 football style.  His first trip will be to Northern Wisconsin in June.

The highlight of the evening came when John Sindyla presented Mike with a painting of Woody Hayes.  The painting, “You Win with People”, showed Woody Hayes holding a player by the jersey with the rest of the team around him.  John thought the painting was an appropriate gift for Mike because it reminded John of the Voicestream buildout close to the launch when the deployment team would look at Mike and scream ‘Build it!’

Congratulations on your retirement Mike! Enjoy all of your adventures in the 'Manbulance.'


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