Zimmermann for President

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This fall, Terra’s Tom Zimmermann was named President of the Board of Directors of The Illinois State Wireless Association (ILSWA).

While Tom officially took office on January 1, he was introduced, along with the rest of the newly elected board, at the ILSWA annual Holiday Fundraiser and Casino Night in December.  Outgoing President Marc Steinbach was the Master of Ceremonies for the event but handed the reins over to Tom at the end of the evening. Tom made a short speech about what he hopes to help ILSWA accomplish in his time as President.


During his three-year term as President of the Board, Tom’s duties will include setting the agenda and running board meetings, calling for a vote on any items in front of the board for consideration, and ensuring that all committees and their chairpersons are functioning effectively within their roles.

There are four separate committees within ILSWA: Education, Membership, Regulatory and Event Planning. Tom will coordinate with these committees outside of the board meetings to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that goals are being met.

For example, the Education Committee currently offers scholarships only to high school students but wants to expand the program to offer that opportunity to college students as well as adults seeking continuing education in the industry.

The more visible side of the President of the Board’s responsibilities includes overseeing the organization of ILSWA’s fundraising drives at the three main social events annually: the ILSWA Spring Fling, the ILSWA Golf Outing and the Holiday Fundraiser and Casino Night.  

The President also emcee’s events throughout the year and serves as the Face of the Illinois State Wireless association.  The President communicates with the organizations that benefit from the fundraising activities: Misericordia Heart of Mercy and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Congratulations Tom! We look forward to seeing what you and the board do in the coming years.