Small Cell Services

As our client’s cellular networks are experiencing ever-increasing data usage by their customers, the traditional macro-cell network is reaching its capacity. In an effort to offload that strain and improve system capacity and performance, our clients are deploying small cells.

Small Cells are a network of low-powered nodes which are much smaller, and much easier to deploy than the traditional cell site. Small cell networks were first deployed in dense urban areas, but have now expanded to smaller cities and rural areas in an effort to bring the network closer to the customer. Small Cells are installed 15’ to 30’ above ground level.

Because the antennas and radios are smaller than their macro-counterparts, existing street-light poles, traffic signals and utility poles are all viable candidates for attachment, making the Public Right- of-Way an ideal place to build the network. Much of the required infrastructure is already in place in the typical Public Right-of-Way, allowing for a rapid network deployment. Small Cell Installations in the Public Right-of-Way fit into the landscape with their minimal visual impact.