University of Michigan

Terra Consulting Group, Ltd. was contracted to provide A&E design for a Macro installation at the University of Michigan “Big House”. Terra was part of the design team that included our Client’s RF Design Engineers, the University’s Facilities Department and the General Contractor. 

seamless coverage

The University of Michigan wanted seamless coverage at one of the largest sports complexes in the country and wanted our client to accomplish this in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. A combination of antenna placements was used to address the capacity issues both inside and outside of the stadium. All antennas were ‘stealthed’ with matching paint and screens. The University was pleased as the resulting communications system didn’t conflict with the new lighting system that was recently installed.
Terra designed the Head-End room in a penthouse that was being used for storage. Terra was able to tap available power at the penthouse level. Fiber-Optic cable was located in the Press Box two levels below. Terra was able to identify the least disruptive path for the utility routing by working with the University and the General Contractor.